We publish regular reports and updates on key issues of importance to US companies in Ireland. In addition, we partner with our colleagues in AmChams Europe for European wide publications while we regulary produce special reports with the Irish Times to coincide with special occassions such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Check back here for regular updates.

Growing Great Teams in Ireland: The Role of the Residential Rental Sector


This report explores the link between housing and international competitiveness in the Irish economy with a specific focus on the provision of urban rental accommodation in Dublin. The aim of this report is to convey the views of American Chamber member companies on the challenges facing the rental market and to formulate recommendations and a constructive approach to addressing some of the pressure points. 

2018 Pre-Budget Submission

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A Competitiveness Agenda to Future-Proof the Economy

Emerging FDI- How to grow a great team in Ireland

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Published in partnership with the IDA, this report is a guide to helping new emerging FDI companies setting up in Ireland. 

If you work for a US company and have recentely established operations in Ireland- or you are about to- this guide draws on the insights and experiences of a huge number of US companies that have grown teams here. 

Establishing a Grand Innovation Challenge Process for Ireland

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A working paper  to stimulate debate among enterprise policy stakeholders on the criteria for consideration, and the strategies to establish a process for a ‘Grand Challenge’ for Ireland.
The paper expands on the analysis of the strategic recommendation made in the Chamber’s paper ‘Ireland’s Innovation Pathway.'

US-Ireland Business 2017


Our annual business report ‘US-Ireland Business 2017’ presents the statistics and the stories behind the innovation and talent that drives the Irish-US business relationship.

The Economic Report chapter Irish- US Linkages in the New World Disorder is written by Wall Street Economist Joseph Quinlan. It provides a very clear picture of the enduring strength of the Irish US economic relationship.

Irish Examiner: US Business in Ireland 2017

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A special report in the Irish Examiner in association with the American Chamber on the outlook for business in Munster.

Beyond Business: The Social Impact of US Investment in Ireland


The contribution of US companies in Ireland goes far beyond the economic impact. US companies contribute in other ways, they are responsible for significant social benefits in their local communities and throughout the entire country by providing innovative and inclusive social impact programmes and other activities. On October 20th the Chamber launched its CSR report Entitled ‘Beyond Business – The Social Impact of US Investment in Ireland'  with our  research partners the University of Notre Dame. 


Irish Times: American Business in Ireland


Special report in The Irish Times to celebrate Independence Day focussed on US Business in Ireland.