We publish regular reports and updates on key issues of importance to US companies in Ireland. In addition, we partner with our colleagues in AmChams Europe for European wide publications while we regulary produce special reports with the Irish Times to coincide with special occassions such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Check back here for regular updates.

Beyond Business: The Social Impact of US Investment in Ireland


The contribution of US companies in Ireland goes far beyond the economic impact. US companies contribute in other ways, they are responsible for significant social benefits in their local communities and throughout the entire country by providing innovative and inclusive social impact programmes and other activities. On October 20th the Chamber launched its CSR report Entitled ‘Beyond Business – The Social Impact of US Investment in Ireland'  with our  research partners the University of Notre Dame. 


Irish Times: American Business in Ireland


Special report in The Irish Times to celebrate Independence Day focussed on US Business in Ireland.

US-Ireland Business 2016

PDF | 11 MB

A special report on the US FDI eco system in Ireland, the whos who of US of this vibrant community.

Irish US Economic Relationship 2016

PDF | 2.5 MB

Report by Wall Street economist Joseph P. Quinlan on the size, scale & future prospects for Ireland's relationship with the US.

Irish Examiner: US Business in Ireland 2016

PDF | 7 MB

A special report in the Irish Examiner in association with the American Chamber on the outlook for business in Munster.

TTIP and the EU Member States

PDF | 69 MB

Published by the World Trade Institute the report is an assessment of the economic impact of an ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership at EU Member State Level.

American Chamber of Commerce 2015 Report

PDF | 5.9 MB

This publication celebrates US investment in Ireland and the achievement of our members. It includes valuable information and insight for all those engaged in trade and investment between Ireland and the US

American Thanksgiving 2015

PDF | 2.5 MB

Special report in the Irish Times to cooincide with the Thanksgiving holiday. This report focuses on the outstandind successfrom US FDI in Ireland in 2015.