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Cairdeas Awards – West- NorthWest Region – Nominations

Recognising the importance of giving back to local communities, outside of the business community, AmCham inaugurated the Cairdeas Award, which is the Irish for friendship. This prestigious Award recognises an individual or organisation in the not-for-profit sector that has had a positive impact on the community.

We would be delighted if you could nominate a worthy candidate(s) for our prestigious “Cairdeas” Award to be presented at our President’s Dinner for the West-Northwest Region in the Galway Galmont on 23 June. 

  • The Cairdeas Award is open to individuals and organisations in the not-for-profit sector that have had a positive community impact in the West-Northwest Region. (Galway; Mayo; Sligo; Donegal: Leitrim; Roscommon; Longford) 
  • We are happy to take a broad view of the nature of that impact – it includes – inclusion; gender balance; skills development; cultural; sporting – we also welcome those making an impact in response to the pandemic and the Ukraine Crisis. 
  • There is no restriction on the number of nominations a member company can make.
  • If nominating an individual or organisation you should first inform them.
  • NB – the closing date for nominations the Award is 29 April – we are asking you to set out the reason for the nomination; any supporting/additional information and any testimonials available on-line you can link us to. 

US Ireland Business Report - 'Ireland - The Next Century'

As Ireland enters its second centenary of independence, AmCham’s 2022 US-Ireland Business Report is the definitive guide to the two-way trade and investment relationship between Ireland and the United States. 

Ireland – The Next Century, highlights the reasons why business and talent chose to locate in Ireland and focuses on the benefits of the two-way US-Ireland business relationship on both sides of the Atlantic. We are proud to report that the relationship stands at an all-time high, with record investment in both directions.

AmCham Unmuted

Welcome to AmCham Unmuted - The Official Podcast of American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland.

From the American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland, this podcast series will delve into topics of national and transatlantic interest and feature conversations with prominent national and international leaders in industry, politics and beyond.

Events 2022

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