Pillar Two Minimum Tax Rate Implementation


Ireland has an increasingly complex tax regime. The implementation of Pillar Two will
increase the compliance burden on business and add additional complexity. There is
an urgent need to use the implementation of Pillar Two as an opportunity to also
simplify the overall tax code to ensure it is able to cater for the needs of 21st century
business. Reducing complexity and the administrative burden associated with the Irish
taxation regime would in itself be a competitive advantage, allowing for greater ease
of doing business in Ireland.

Stability and certainty for business has long been a key pillar of the Irish taxation
system, which has ensured Ireland remained an attractive location for inward
investment. AmCham believes that this stability is essential as we move towards the
implementation of Pillar Two. As such, it is vital that timely and regular opportunities
are provided for engagement with business through the use of feedback statements.


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