Minister McGrath Recognises AmCham Members for their Vital Work Supporting the Economy


Minister for Finance, Michael McGrath TD, told AmCham members that Ireland’s strong and prosperous economy could not exist without the work of US multinationals here. 

Speaking as Guest of Honour at AmCham’s 2023 Independence Day Lunch this week, Minister McGrath said: "I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the work undertaken by AmCham members across a wide range of sectors that are so vital to the dynamic economy that we enjoy in Ireland today. Your firms provide high quality, well-paying jobs, generating very significant tax revenues, which help to fund the public services that we aim to deliver as a country.” 
He added: “A strong economy and a prosperous economy gives us the opportunity to build a fair and decent society with good public services, and without your input and your work every single day, that would simply not be achievable. So I want to put on record how much the Government values the relationship that we have with AmCham, and the respect we have for the important advocacy work you do on behalf of your members.” 

AmCham also published its 2024 Pre-Budget submission, ‘Building and Impactful Ireland – For 2050 and Beyond’, to coincide with its Independence Day celebration. Minister McGrath said: “It was no accident that when I came in today, I was immediately presented with a pre-budget submission that has just been published this morning. So look forward to meeting you and your team Mark, to discuss in detail the various issues and challenges that are set out within that." 

Speaking at the lunch, which was kindly sponsored by AIB, AmCham 2023 President, Seamus Fives spoke about the importance of the US-Ireland trade and investment relationship and the ways in which Ireland can continue to support this relationship in Budget 2024. 
"AmCham is proud to publish our 2024 Budget submission, outlining our vision for Ireland’s future and the steps to get there.” 

He added, AmCham’s vision for Ireland in 2050 is that Ireland will be: 
- Recognised globally as being able to effectively plan for its people and economy, 
- In order that its people live healthy, safe and successful lives, 
- And Ireland is competing globally at the highest level for future strategic inward investment.” 

Seamus concluded: “To quote President Biden in his address to the Houses of the Oireachtas in April: 'Our world stands at an inflection point, where the choices we make today will determine the course of the future history of this world for the next four to five decades, literally, not figuratively'.”