EU proposes new liability rules around AI tech


The European Commission has outlined a set of new proposals to enable people who are harmed by AI tech products to seek and receive compensation. The existing rules around product liability in the EU are almost 40 years old, and do not cover advanced technologies such as AI. 

The EU’s directive includes rules for businesses and consumers alike. Those who are harmed by AI products or tech can seek compensation just as they would if they were  harmed in any other way. For example, the rules will make it easier for people who have been discriminated against by AI technology as part of the recruitment process to pursue legal action. 

Robots, drones, smart-home systems and other similar digital products must also comply with cybersecurity regulations around addressing vulnerabilities. 

As well as consumer protection, the proposals are designed to foster innovation. They have laid down guarantees for the AI sector through the introduction of measures such as the right to fight a liability claim based on a presumption of causality. The AI Liability Directive will need to be agreed with EU countries and lawmakers before it can become law.