€85 Million Digital Transition Fund for Businesses


The Government recently announced a new €85 million digital transition fund that will be made available between now and 2026. The fund, administered by Enterprise Ireland, will be used to help companies access and develop new digital products, processes and services and will allow them to invest in areas such as software, staff training, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


As part of the initiative a website is being developed which will allow businesses to assess what their needs are and provide advice on next steps as well as a series of "Grow Digital" workshops that will take place in regional locations over the coming weeks. They will be hosted by Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation, Robert Troy.


AmCham recognises the importance of digitalisation and the adoption of industry 5.0 going forward, particularly in relation to our members who carry out major manufacturing on the island. Technological developments are rapidly changing the manufacturing sector. There is a greater desire for insourcing, where goods are manufactured in the country or region that it serves and by adapting rapidly Ireland can capitalise and be a regional leader in next generation manufacturing.