We publish regular reports and updates on key issues of importance to US companies in Ireland. In addition, we partner with our colleagues in AmChams Europe for European wide publications while we regulary produce special reports with the Irish Times to coincide with special occassions such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Check back here for regular updates.

2020 US-Ireland Business Report

‘US-Ireland Business 2020’ brings to life the substance of the business relationship between the US and Ireland. US companies have been investing in Ireland going back to the earliest days of the State, with a world-beating track record of innovation and success on the global stage. Through key interviews with Government offi cials and business leaders, this report demonstrates the equal nature of the two-way business relationship between the US and Ireland. The success of Irish investment into the US is now at an all-time high.

The Economic Report ‘Irish-U.S. Linkages in an Era of Uncertainty’ is written by Wall Street Economist Joseph Quinlan. It provides a very clear picture of the strength of the Irish-US economic relationship and reinforces Ireland’s importance in the wider EU-US trade relationship, serving as a vital hub for US companies accessing European and international markets. As we embark on a new decade, AmCham believes that Certainty, Talent, Innovation and Sustainability will be the central themes to the future success of investment in both directions.

Invest in the US: A Guide for Irish Companies

Published in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, this  guide supports Irish companies investing into the US for the first time

Irish Times US Business in Ireland

Profiling US companies and the latest business trends in Ireland 

The Strongest Link in the Chain Ireland's Global Cyber Security Leadership


As a key priority for every sector, with the capability of impacting every business size, the American Chamber strongly advocates for Ireland to position itself as a global cyber security leader: The Strongest Link in the Chain.

Irish Times: American Business in Ireland

Highlighting the extensive two-way relationship between the United States and Ireland, the ‘American Thanksgiving 2017’ report celebrates the success of US companies located in Ireland, as well as the growing number of Irish firms making the leap stateside, illustrating just how important this trade relationship continues to be for the future of the Irish economy


Irish Examiner: US Business in Ireland

US Business in Ireland, published in the Irish Examiner in celebration of the unique historic business and cultural ties between Ireland and the US. This report provides expert commentary on current and emerging US business trends, interviews and related trade and investment opportunities for Ireland and the latest US investment figures. 


Growing Great Teams in Ireland: The Role of the Residential Rental Sector


This report explores the link between housing and international competitiveness in the Irish economy with a specific focus on the provision of urban rental accommodation in Dublin. The aim of this report is to convey the views of American Chamber member companies on the challenges facing the rental market and to formulate recommendations and a constructive approach to addressing some of the pressure points. 

2018 Pre-Budget Submission

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A Competitiveness Agenda to Future-Proof the Economy