The American Chamber Welcomes Jobs Friendly Budget

  • Release Date: 10/10/2018
The American Chamber Welcomes Jobs Friendly Budget
Issued 9 October, 2019.  Speaking in response to Budget 2019, The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland welcomed continued reductions in the personal tax burden, which it believes is needed to make it easier to attract and retain jobs in Ireland. However, the Chamber notes that Ireland’s personal tax regime still remains uncompetitive on the global stage and believes future budgets should continue this trend of pro-jobs reform of our personal tax system.
The American Chamber also welcomed the increased capital expenditure announced in Budget 2019 to enhance Ireland’s transport infrastructure, education system and global connectivity, which it believes will enhance Ireland’s ability to compete for additional FDI.
Finally, the US-Ireland business community warmly welcomed the continued steadfast commitment to the 12.5% corporate tax rate; emphasising the importance of enhancing Ireland’s corporate tax regime to ensure it remains globally competitive - as well as being transparent, and in accordance with best international practice.


AmCham Budget 2019 Reaction (Subtitles) from American Chamber of Commerce on Vimeo.