Chamber welcomes changes to Stamp 3 Permit

  • Release Date: 06/03/2019
The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland which represents over 700 US companies in Ireland welcomed changes announced today by the Government to the Critical Skills Employment Permit (Stamp 3) to give partners and spouses of permit holders immediate and full access to the labour market without the need for a separate employment permit. 
This announcement will bring certainty to employers and the families of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders. It showcases a joined-up cross-Departmental approach to streamlining Ireland’s talent mobility regime. It also contributes to the adoption of an agile and user-focused system which has been advocated by the American Chamber. The new process will contribute to enhancing Ireland’s overall competitiveness in a rapidly changing talent environment. The American Chamber welcomes the measure to help future-proof Ireland’s reputation as a globally inclusive location of choice for talent.
The American Chamber has been a sustained advocate on this issue raising it at the highest levels as a priority item including during the Chamber’s Board meeting with An Taoiseach in December.  We want to thank our members for their support and the case studies they have provided to us during this period. We also appreciate the constructive engagement we have had with key stakeholders including the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and the Department of Justice and Equality.