Chamber urges Brexit progress ahead of June European Council

  • Release Date: 26/06/2018
Ahead of the European Council summit taking place from 28-29 June 2018, the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland is calling for urgent progress on the key outstanding issues remaining in the talks. Resolving as many of the remaining concerns as possible is becoming more urgent by the day – with the clock ticking towards the October deadline for a final Withdrawal Agreement.
The EU and the UK should continue their efforts to achieve agreement on remaining issues, including those involving the future of the Irish border, sustaining Ireland’s all-island economy, governance, regulatory cooperation and post-Brexit preparedness. 

The American Chamber recognises the complexity of issues needing resolution and support the Government’s strategy to ensure that the future relationship between the EU and the UK is as close, comprehensive and ambitious as possible, a relationship that secures and supports the existing all-island economy in Ireland. That is in the interests of international business here, and the interests of the EU as a whole.
Reaching agreement on these issues will provide businesses in Ireland with more confidence that a Withdrawal Agreement can be agreed and ratified, thereby providing legal certainty for the proposed transition period and avoiding the worst-case ‘cliff-edge’ scenario in March 2019. It will also allow both parties to move towards more detailed discussions on the future framework of the EU-UK relationship, which is of essential importance to companies who are planning their long-term operations and investments.