American Chamber pays tribute to the late TK Whitaker

  • Release Date: 10/01/2017
The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland has paid tribute to the late Dr. TK Whitaker following the announcement of his passing. The Chamber said “Dr. Whitaker’s ideas and policies have been instrumental for decades in attracting foreign direct investment into Ireland, which has been so beneficial to the economy as a whole.”
Speaking on the Chamber’s behalf, Chief Executive Mark Redmond said:
“Dr. Whitaker was a visionary civil servant who saw the opportunities for Ireland in the 1950s and 1960s and persuaded the Government of the day to seize them. In many ways he can be described as the true founder of the American Chamber for, without him, the strength of US business in Ireland would never have reached the levels it is at today. In Ireland today there are 700 US companies providing employment to over 140,000 people, who have Dr. Whitaker to thank for this.”
Mr Redmond added:
"In February 2011, while celebrating the Chamber’s golden jubilee, we presented him with an award to recognise his impact in attracting US companies to Ireland. His legacy is unparalleled in Irish public life, his family, and indeed all of Ireland should feel justly proud of the achievements of this great man.”