Action plan for housing welcomed

  • Release Date: 19/07/2016
 American Chamber of Commerce Ireland has today welcomed the launch of the Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness.  The body, which represents US companies who employ 140,000 people in Ireland, described it as a valuable component of a whole-of-government commitment to developing the provision of suitable residential housing with the supporting infrastructure in locations accessible to workplaces.
Bob Savage, President of the American Chamber said “there is a strong link between the residential planning, development and the creation of an attractive places to live with foreign direct investment.
“Retaining and attracting talent is critical to the future of the Irish economy. Access to suitable residential housing that suits the requirements of employees as they work through their evolving career and life stages is vital to this ambition. Any efforts to improve the functioning of the rental sector are particularly welcome as this is important in enabling the labour force mobility required to support the 21st century business environment.
“If Ireland is to remain as the global location of choice for investment it must retain its reputation as an ambitious and welcoming location. This Action Plan, if delivered successfully, would help support growth in both investment and employment.”