Workday….if you build it, they will come…and stay

  • Release Date: 09/10/2015

There are usually some common features to the series of great jobs announced by US Companies here. We can be assured of the presence of at least one Cabinet Minister and often the Taoiseach - this is a powerful demonstration of the commitment by Government to creating a world-leading environment for FDI. The IDA will also be front and centre and invariably they are called out by the business leaders announcing the jobs as playing a central and trusted role in the decision to locate operations in Ireland. More often than not they are held out as the global gold standard for inward investment agency partners.

But every jobs announcement also has unique features that enhance our appreciation of just how powerfully positive US FDI in Ireland continues to be.Workday's announcement on Wednesday was special for a number of reasons. In 2001 Annrai O'Toole founded Cape Clear, a Dublin-based software start-up. It was acquired by Workday in 2008 - at that time it had 30 members of the team. Today Workday in Ireland has 400 team members and will hire 200 more. Two things are pretty special - nearly all the 22 team members from 2008 are still with the company - and the company is building great software - used globally - in Smithfield, Dublin. And that's another pretty special aspect of the Workday story. They have created a stunning space in an area of our capital city that has huge potential but has, to date, not been home to a great US company's operations. Workday have changed things - watch that space.

Finally, like so many other Chamber members, Workday are really playing their part in their community, including reaching out to the local schools and letting the kids have a chance to see the great things they are doing - if you can see it, you can aspire to it.