Celebrating the Irish-US Relationship

  • Release Date: 06/03/2015

Recognising and celebrating the size scale and successes of the Irish US Economic Relationship was top of the agenda at a series of engagements that surrounded the publication of the American Chamber's new repport, "The Irish US Economic Relationship 2015." Written by Wall Street Economist Joseph Quinlan the report found: 

  • 130,000 people employed by the 700 U.S. companies in Ireland
  • US companies have invested over $277 billion in Ireland since 1990
  • The output from US companies in Ireland now exceeds $80 billion per year
  • Exports from US companies in Ireland are four times higher than from China

Launch with Minister Flanagan

The report was formally launched by Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade Charles Flanagan TD. This launch took place at a roundtable briefing hosted by Amazon, and attended by many Chamber members.

Minister Flanagan commented that "This report demonstrates the enormous vitality and strength of the Irish-US economic relationship and the close affinity between our people which, combined with the right policies and the rich talent pool we offer, has helped bring 130,000 jobs to Ireland." 

Meeting with An Taoiseach 

Following the formal launch, the Chamber's President and Chief Executive, Eamonn Sinnott and Mark Redmond presented a copy to An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD. The Taoiseach was briefed on the content of the report during this meeting.

Joseph Quinlan then presented his findings to a selection of Ireland's leading economists. The session provided an opportunity to consider the reasons for the strength of this relationship and ways to expand this in future.
A press briefing was then conducted to allow Joseph Quinlan and representatives from the Chamber brief media on the report's contents. This resulted in several articles being published online and in newspapers.

The highlight of the day was the 2015 President's Lunch at which Joseph Quinlan outlined the report to over 350 members of the Chamber in the Shelbourne Hotel. President of the Chamber Eamonn Sinnott then made his inaugural address and outlined his ambitions to see the relationship grow and the importance for Ireland of constantly focussing on the areas of talent, skills and innovation.

A special guest speaker, Allen Blue, co-founder of LinkedIn, gave an after dinner speech. During his address Allen told how LinkedIn in Ireland has been a leading source of innovation for the company globally. He also informed the audience of the work that they as a company are doing to address skills world wide via the LinkedIn Economic Graph.

This event was sponsored by Barclays. 
The final event of the day took place in the US embassy where Joseph Quinlan once again presented his findings, this time to an invited audience of business students and other interested stakeholders in the Irish-US Economic Relationship.
Next week this report will be launched at a special event in New York hosted by the Consulate General.