Our members


Ireland's leading international business organisation

While our membership is primarily US companies based in Ireland, we also support the wide FDI ecosystem. Many of our members are Irish companies with investments in the US. And also companies with significant business relationships with US companies in Ireland.

Our members are global leaders in key industry sectors from life sciences to social media. They range from the world’s largest ICT companies who have been present in Ireland for many decades, operations engaged in life sciences, engineering and internationally traded services, to emerging global leaders in cyber-security who have recently established here.

Our members share a common belief in Ireland as an outstanding location, within the European Union and on the global stage, to build highly skilled teams who serve global markets. Our members are committed to gender equality, diversity, inclusion and supporting their communities. The Chamber’s activities reflect these priorities.

Our Network

Not only does our membership include the top US companies in Ireland. Our network also consists of the thousands of top executives within these companies. This ensures that all of our events, membership programmes and membership groups provide the most senior networking opportunities.

Members Nationwide 

Communities throughout the country have benefitted from US investment. Our members are drawn from companies based right around Ireland. We hold regular events and activities throughout Ireland led by our Board Chairs:

  • Mid West: Catherine Duffy, General Manager, Northern Trust
  • North West: Séamus Hughes, General Manager, Zeus Industrial Products
  • South: David Murray, Senior Vice President, PepsiCo
  • West: Mark Butler, Executive Vice President European Operations 

Member Activities

Our members are extremely active in a range of areas. If you are member or wish to become one, you should get involved in:

  • Events: We run a high quality event programme covering a range of subjects in Ireland
  • Membership Groups: Our membership groups are comprised of experts in key areas and help to develop a range of Chamber issues.
  • Membership Programmes: These in-depth programmes allow for member engagement and learning on topics such as 'Women in FDI' and 'HR Leadership'.

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