About our Advocacy


Working on Behalf of Our Members 

We present clear and evidence-based representation to decision makers in Dublin, Brussels and Washington DC on behalf of our members. Our advocacy work clearly demonstrates the strength and depth of the two-way US-Ireland trade and economic relationship that has benefited the US, the EU and Ireland.

How we do this

We work closely with the Government & other partners to make this happen. This includes:

  • Proposing policies to enhance Ireland's global reputation

  • Thought leadership on emerging opportunities

  • Ensuring Government is fully informed on our members' priorities

Our members play an active role in this work through our Advocacy Groups. The Board of Directors oversees the Chamber’s advocacy work. Click here to view our latest submissions 

Our 2018 Priorities 

· Seizing Digital Opportunity
· Inclusion
· Innovation
· Balanced Regional Development
· Strengthen International Collaboration
· STEM Education