Key Facts

US Investment in Ireland 

Today, over 160,000 people are directly employed in over 700 US firms in Ireland. US firms indirectly support a further 128,000 jobs in the Irish economy, in total acounting for 20% of employment in Ireland. Collectively US investment in Ireland amounts to $444bn.  

US firms in Ireland form a critical part of Ireland’s cutting -edge, internationally traded goods and services economy in industries such as information & communications technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technologies and financial services.

Ireland- A Gateway to Europe

Ireland is the gateway to Europe for many US companies accessing European & International markets. Ireland, which represents just 1% of the European  economy, attracted 12.2% of all US FDI investment to Europe in 2016.

Social Impact

US companies are responsible for significant social benefits in their local communities and throughout the entire country by providing innovative and inclusive social impact programmes and other activities. In 2015 alone, employees of US companies contributed over 600,000 work supported volunteer hours to 7,300 CSR projects.

Over 70% of all CSR programmes undertaken by US companies in Ireland are skills or education related. For more read the Chamber's CSR Report Beyond Business the Social Impact of US Investement in Ireland 


Irish Investment in the US

Irish companies continue to look to the US both as a significant market opportunity but also one where they continue to invest. In 2019 over 60 Irish companies opened a new office in the US, over 120 companies opened an office in the past 2 years.# In the process they are not just creating employment, they are bringing world class goods, services and IP, partnering with American companies to create long term and sustainable economic value.

There are almost 110,000 people employed by Irish companies in the US, significantly in high value, high skill sectors, including clinical research, medical technology, vaccine and drug delivery business process improvement, SaaS, agricultural technology, aviation and many others.
The total value of the investment of Irish origin companies as calculated by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis is $146BN, positioning Ireland as the 9th largest source of FDI in the US. Read more about Irish investment in the US in US-Ireland Business 2020



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