We publish regular reports and updates on key issues of importance to US companies in Ireland. In addition, we partner with our colleagues in AmChams Europe for European wide publications while we regulary produce special reports with the Irish Times to coincide with special occassions such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Check back here for regular updates.

Irish-US Economic Relationship 2015

PDF | 1.4MB

A comprehensive study on the size, scale and success of the US-Ireland Economic Relationship. This was researched and written by Wall Street Economist Joseph P. Quinlan.

Ireland: Global Location for Talent

PDF | 583KB

For Ireland to continue to succeed in winning FDI it is critical that the country is also able to attract and retain leadership and specialist talent in what is a highly competitive global market for skills. This report makes a series of recommendations to improve Ireland's ability to do just that.

The Case for Investing in Europe 2015

PDF | 3.9MB

This study takes a long and extended view of Europe, and concludes that the case for investing in Europe remains as compelling today as it has been for the past half century.

The Transatlantic Opportunity: Why we need a Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

PDF | 574KB

A new EU - US free trade agreement would deliver GDP growth equivalent to providing every worker in Ireland with an extra year's salary over the course of their career. This paper outlines the benefits of and requirements for this partnership deal.

Data: Protection Regulation & Innovation

PDF | 365 KB

An American Chamber paper on the many issues that surround data in Ireland and Europe.