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Why Mentoring can be key to 'stepping up' in today’s workplace

What do Norah Casey and Richard Branson have in common? Both highly accomplished people received and/or provided guidance in the business world supporting them to develop and grow into who they are today!
You may ask what is a mentor? A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.  A mentor is someone who gives you the courage to face challenges and allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden to your own view.

Businesswoman Norah Casey specialises in mentoring, which she does so well as part of numerous TV programmes - Dragon’s Den, The Takeover, Traveller Academy. Another great business mentor is Richard Branson who revealed in his blog that no matter what stage of your life, and no matter who you are, a good mentor is an invaluable asset in any business…

I was recently introduced to a Corporate Peer Mentoring Programme by The American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland - an excellent opportunity for dynamic peer to peer networking and information meetings. The programmes are led by industry experts from member companies, and input from members determines topics, agendas and guest speakers. The Programme has a professional progression culture of “I care about you” and supports the many interweaving strands of American Irish companies and people relationships.  The programme itself has 3 sessions in total, and after the first one, I knew it was going to be a huge success for me personally.

At the first Peer Mentoring Session it quickly became clear there was a buddy mentoring feeling as opposed to a career or life mentoring formal approach.  This I thought brought an immediate intrinsic reward, a safe platform to discuss business challenges openly, “on-boarding” others to having a great sounding board and sharing all types of challenges from today’s business world!

Being involved with the American Chamber Peer Mentoring Programme gives you a feeling of “I’ve got your back”. There are continuous networking events between sessions and lots of opportunities to share communications and knowledge and build a network across various economic divisions.

As most of us know, inspiration and thinking ‘outside the box’ can come from many places and quite often it’s a meeting of minds that brings encouragement and creates engagement, developing successful leaders.  The table talk discussions with down-to-earth peers in a ‘safe’ business mentoring environment was extremely valuable. Essentially each person becomes a business advisor for each other and contributes to its overall success.   
And, this leads me to say that meeting peers in a culture that fosters and embraces feminine leadership has created a common bond, a platform for open discussions leaving me with thoughts of higher levels of internal satisfaction and motivation and an overall excited feeling about facing the challenges ahead and perform more effectively in the workplace.
As they say: A truly great mentor is difficult to find, hard to part with and impossible to forget!

Thank you, ladies

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