Peer Learning and Mentoring - Leaders of Impact


The American Chamber Executive Leader Peer Learning & Mentoring Programme is led and designed by the network for Women in Global Organisations to advance leadership skills in a safe, trusted environment. Working in small cross company, cross sector, cross functional groups, through group discussion with formal and informal interactions throughout the programme, participants have the opportunity to explore practices, share insights, compare experiences, gather new perspectives and try out ideas with an exceptional group of peers.


The multi part programme is focussed on enhancing five key proficiencies:

  • Influence
  • Persuasion
  • Change
  • Visibility
  • Horizon

In today's evolving business arena, every executive must be prepared to lead their organisation through periods of disruptive innovation and rapid change.  Participants are reenergized and prepared to inspire and lead colleagues with lasting impact. They learn to consider new opportunities, drive change, develop talent in others, and contribute more broadly to organisational success.

“A unique and exciting opportunity to learn and develop through shared experiences in a safe environment with like-minded women in diverse backgrounds”

Programme Outline:

Session 1: Influence
Exploring the challenges faced by women when it comes to influence this session looks at tools and strategies that can affect the attitude and behaviours of those around them; and at how to develop greater personal understanding of the impact of these skills and how they may be applied to build resilience, step into the spotlight and perform more effectively in the workplace.

Session 2: Persuasion
Business today is largely run by teams and populated by authority-averse baby boomers and Generation Xers. That makes persuasion more important than ever as a managerial tool. It is a process of learning from others and negotiating a shared solution. Persuasion can be a force for enormous good in an organization, but people must understand it for what it is: an often painstaking process that requires insight, planning, and compromise.

Session 3: Change
The objective of this challenging session is to finish with an increased awareness of what one can and cannot control in your world; insight into where your locus of control mindset is; and improved understanding of your competing commitments and ‘big assumptions’.  Areas  of focus for personal action will be discussed and supported by your peer group.

Session 4: Visibility
How important is it for top managers to be visible? Hambrick and Mason (1984) argue that organizations are reflections of their top managers, and thus organizational outcomes are significantly influenced by the values, beliefs and actions of these managers. This session will look at the tools & techniques of visibility – personal and corporate – how to prepare for a panel, how to deliver an elevator pitch to camera, and how to say yes to opportunities.

Session 5: Horizon
Horizon scanning is the continuous process of gathering information about customers, suppliers, competitors, society, technology, and so on, and using this information to make informed decisions about your business. Business leaders need to the external environment, operating with eyes open, aware of changes in customer preferences or habits, aware of opportunities to gain market share or to move into new markets; anticipating a new competitor or how to improve efficiencies through technologies or processes. In short, horizon scanning is essential, not only to grow, but to survive. Horizon scanning is a key step in the strategy process


Programme Logistics:   

  • Participants are nominated by their company, who are members of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland.
  • Candidates are selected to maximise diversity of participants (role/sector/organisation) which may mean only one person per company. 
  • Nominees have a minimum of 10+ years’ work experience; will probably completed internal leadership training.
  • There is an expected commitment to all five sessions (see dates below).
  • Peer groups are formed of 8 people with a maximum of 5 groups per session
  • Each nominee is assigned by the Chamber to a cross sectoral, cross functional peer group and will work with that group across the 5 sessions
  • There can be no progression to the the fourth and fifth sessions without completing the first three. 
  • There will be open networking at each session to facilitate cross group networking. 
  • Groups are encouraged to meet between sessions to maximise learning.
  • Each session takes place from 8am to 11am
  • There is a one off registration fee of €250 + VAT
Participants will selected with a view to maximising the diversity of function and sector for each cohort which means that not all applicants will be necessarily able to participate on the preferred intake but will be givenwill be given first refusal for the next cohort.

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