Our submissions to Government

Our mission is to keep Ireland the global location of choice for US invesment. We regularly communicate with the Irish Government and policy makers to advance this objective. 

Pre-Budget Submission

AmCham's Pre Budget 2020 submission highlights the importance of the country’s competitiveness, particularly in light of challenge such as Brexit, trade tensions and the potential slowdown in the global economy.  The American Chamber believes it is more important than ever for Government to present a confident message to the world that the country is open for business, particularly at a time when there is a global news focus on Brexit which includes potential negative impacts on Ireland.   In this context, the St Patrick’s week trade missions and the Global Ireland programme will be particularly important next year.

Revenue’s Statement of Strategy

Our input into the strategic review of Revenue’s new Statement of Strategy for 2020-2022. We are supportive of Revenue’s ambition to seek to be recognised as best in class, by reference to international benchmarks and achieving that reputation in a manner that is acknowledged as fair, transparent, proportionate, risk-based and effective in the administration of tax and customs implementation.


Our response o the Department of Finance’s Review of Ireland’s Special Assignee Relief Programme

R&D Tax Credit Review

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The Chamber has submitted its perspective on the R&D Tax Credit to the Department of Finance's public consultation that will form part of its 2019 review of the R&D tax credit.
The leadership of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland are firmly of the view that the R&D tax credit regime has been, and can continue to be, a critical tool in ensuring that Ireland is competitive for research, product development and process innovation projects.

Water Tariff

Our response to the CRU’s Proposed Decision on Irish Water’s Non Domestic Tariff Framework. The availability of high-quality water and wastewater service with an assured supply is a significant part of Ireland’s competitiveness proposition for retaining and attracting foreign direct investment.

National Cyber Security Strategy Public Consultation

AmCham Submission to the Internet Policy Division – Consultation,  Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment 

Consultation on Height Guidelines within the Strategic Planning Zone in the Docklands

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Consultation on Height Guidelines within the Strategic Planning Zone in the Docklands 

The Strongest Link in the Chain Ireland's Global Cyber Security Leadership

As a key priority for every sector, with the capability of impacting every business size, the American Chamber strongly advocates for Ireland to position itself as a global cyber security leader: The Strongest Link in the Chain.