Our submissions to Government

Our mission is to keep Ireland the global location of choice for US invesment. We regularly communicate with the Irish Government and policy makers to advance this objective. 

Denominational Religion in the Schools Admissions Process

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The Chamber strongly supports moves to improve education access and remove barriers to school admissions as an integral part of policy seeking to strengthen inclusiveness within the country.

Network and Information Security Directive (NIS)

The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland has engaged extensively with its member companies on the various aspects of implementation of the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS).  The Chamber has reflected its stance in its response to the thirteen questions posed by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment on the implementation of the NIS Directive.

GDPR Age of Consent

Submission to the Data Forum at the Department of An Taoiseach regarding the European General Data Protection Regulation on the age of consent. 

Rental Sector Strategy

The Chamber warmly welcomes the Government’s strategy ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ and its commitment to deliver a rental sector-specific strategy. We support this consultation as part of the Strategy on the Rental Sector and we make this submission in order to assist the formulation of this important policy. The key issues that have arisen from consultation with our members include; Improving Market Performance,  Greater Certainty and Closing Information Gaps and Marketing Ireland as an Investment Location. 

Pre Budget 2017 Submission

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The American Chamber has published its annual Pre-Budget Submission, outlining key priorities for budget 2017. The Submission was completed following extensive consultation with leading FDI US employers in Ireland led by our Tax Group.

Taxation of Share Based Remuneration

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This submission proposes amendments to the current taxation treatment of share based awards which, in conjunction with other reforms to Ireland’s personal tax regime, would significantly enhance Ireland’s overall FDI offering.

EU-US Privacy Shield

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We have strongly urged the Irish government to support the approval of the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement to
enable data flows and ensure a high standard of data protection for European and American citizens alike. 

Education & Skills consultation on Statement of Strategy 2016-2018

The American Chamber made a submission to the Department of Education and Skills focused on priority actions for delivery by the Department over the period of their ‘Statement of Strategy 2016-2018’.  These priorities include encouraging entrepreneurship across the education spectrum, incentives to boost lifelong learning and employability, and greater access to more diverse school options.