Our submissions to Government

Our mission is to keep Ireland the global location of choice for US invesment. We regularly communicate with the Irish Government and policy makers to advance this objective. 

Response on Planning and Development Bill

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AmCham response to the Department of Housing consultation on the modernisation of judicial review within the Planning system.

Sustainable Mobility Policy

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AmCham views on the renewal of Ireland’s sustainable mobility policy

Statement on ATAD Anti-Hybrid Rules

As Ireland continues to implement further ATAD provisions, member’s priority is that the implementation of this complex legislation should be done in a manner which supports Ireland’s competitiveness for winning inward investment and employment and is consistent with other EU Member State’s transposition of the legislation. 

The American Chamber is pleased to respond to the Feedback Statement on anti-hybrid legislation as an important consultation exercise that is valued by our members. 

Response to OECD’s Public Consultation

Secretariat’s Proposal for a “Unified Approach” under Pillar One

The American Chamber continues to be supportive of the evolution of the international tax framework, provided it ensures consistency for global businesses, and supports global trade and investment  flows.  We welcome the OECD’s actions on the taxation of the digital economy the substantial work undertaken by the OECD through its proposal for a “Unified Approach” under Pillar One and recognises it is an important step towards a consensus agreement.

Response to the OECD’s Public Consultation

Global Base Anti-Base Erosion Proposals (“Globe”) Pillar Two

The Chamber’s response to the OECD’s proposed Pillar Two approach. We Our understand that current initiatives seek to further modernise tax codes to reflect the transformation that digitalisation is bringing to the global economy. The American Chamber remains strongly supportive of multilateral consultation and agreement to address BEPS related matters.

Senior Cycle Review

Submission to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and the Department of Education and Skills on its public consultation for Senior Cycle review. In its submission, AmCham argues for more emphasis to be placed on soft skills and alternative pathways, in the senior cycle. It is also argued that students and parents should be kept aware of the broad range of options now available to them. 

Judgement in Jones V DJE

Letter to the Minister for Justice and Equality, Minister Flanagan TD

OECD Digitisation if the Economy

Our initial observations with respect to OECD’s Public Consultation Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalisation of the Global Economy