Our submissions to Government

Our mission is to keep Ireland the global location of choice for US invesment. We regularly communicate with the Irish Government and policy makers to advance this objective. 

Pre-Budget Submission 2021

Submission to Government in advance of the presentation of Budget 2021 & the National Economic Recovery Plan 

Revenue’s Statement of Strategy 2021-2023

Our members are committed to playing their part in the economic recovery. We welcome the opportunity to comment the Statement of Strategy that will guide Revenue through the double challenge of COVID 19 and Brexit

Statement of Strategy for the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research Innovation and S

The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland (the Chamber) appreciates the opportunity to share our views on the Statement of Strategy for the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research Innovation and Science Draft. We commend the Government on the creation of the Department and its recognition of the importance of interaction between research, science and innovation ecosystems. We hope that this Department will be an opportunity to create economies of scales and to efficiently bring people together to innovate.   

Establishing a Framework for Screening of Foreign Direct Investments into the EU

 The Chamber recognises that this is an important step in ensuring a balanced and  proportionate Irish framework in line with investment screening mechanisms across EU  Member States. The correct implementation of the Regulation will ensure that Ireland will  continue to be the location of choice for foreign direct investment, based on compelling  market based principles, while complying with our obligations under international law and responding to valid public policy concerns across Europe. 

Remote Working

Since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, remote-working has become a reality for a large part of the workforce in Ireland, and the American Chamber views this consultation as an opportunity to feedback the key learnings and issues that have arisen on remote working to the Government.   

National Strategy on AI

Amcham greatly welcomes the development of a National Strategy on Artifical Intelligence for Ireland. Our members are at the forefront developling and adapoting AI; and we welcome the creation of a strategy that safely promoates the development of AI technologies by many indigenious and global companies in Ireland. 

Response on Employment Permits Bill

PDF | 581 KB

AmCham response to the Department of Business consultation on the scope of the Employment Permits Bill