Our submissions to Government

Our mission is to keep Ireland the global location of choice for US invesment. We regularly communicate with the Irish Government and policy makers to advance this objective. 

Pre Budget 2019 Submission

PDF | 581 KB

The American Chamber has published its annual Pre-Budget Submission, outlining key priorities for budget 2019. The Submission was completed following extensive consultation with leading FDI US employers in Ireland led by our Tax Group.

Transparency & International Data Transfers under the GDPR

PDF | 583 KB

The American Chamber's submission to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner's consultation on Transparency & International Data Transfers under the GDPR.

Action Plan for Jobs 2018

PDF | 471 KB

The American Chamber's submission to the Action Plan for Jobs 2018.

Submission on Irelands Corporation Tax Code Jan 2018

Submission on The Consultation Paper on Ireland’s Corporation Tax Code. The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland’s priority is that Ireland remains a unique transatlantic trade and investment gateway and a location of choice for US inward investment to Europe. The contribution of Ireland’s corporate taxation environment to economic and employment growth has always been based on the certainty surrounding its rate, regime and reputation and it must continue to do so. 

Pre-Budget Submission 2018

PDF | 581 KB

A Competitiveness Agenda to Future-Proof Ireland's Economy

Capital Plan Mid-Term Review

PDF | 581 KB

Submission to the public consultation for the Capital Plan Mid-Term Review which identifies key priorities to maintain and enhance Ireland's competitiveness and to give Ireland the capacity to grow.

Consent, profiling, personal data breach notifications & certifications

PDF | 581 KB

As part of the 2017 Action Plan of the Article 29 Working Party, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner sought the views of stakeholders on consent, profiling, data breach notifications and certification, under the General Data Protection Regulation. The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland engaged extensively with its Data Group to convey the views of member companies on these important issues.

National Planning Framework: Ireland 2040

DPDF | 240 KB

This submission sets out the strategic context within which US firms operate in Ireland and identifies key priorities for the framework if the competitive position of Ireland is to be maintained and enhanced to give Ireland the capacity to grow.