Women in Global Organisations


The Network for Women in Global Organisations promotes excellence, inspiration, celebration and success for all women in business. 

American Chamber Contact: Miriam O'Keeffe


International Leadership Programme 2017/18:

Cross-Sector Mentorship
 Peer Learning Circle


Through the auspices of the AmCham Network for Women in Global Organisations the American Chamber piloted a new programme in 2017 into 2018:

Cross-Sector Peer Learning Circle: Helping those in international roles develop skills to make their role, company, and Ireland, pivotal in global corporate development and create a network which supports this goal. The first session of the three-part Peer Learning and Mentoring Programme explored the challenges faced by women when it comes to influence; discuss tools and strategies that can affect the attitude and behaviours of those around them; and develop greater personal understanding of the impact of these skills and how they may be applied to build resilience, step into the spotlight and perform more effectively in the workplace. The second explored Persuasion, and how to build better relationships. The final session in January will look at locus of control. 

2017 & 2018 Network Partners