Amcham welcomes focus on talent and regions in Action Plan for Jobs

  • Release Date: 29/01/2015
  •  The commitment to a national talent drive will be welcomed by the leaders of US FDI in Ireland who are engaged in a global battle for talent
  • The Action Plan for Jobs commits to actions by 16 Government Departments and 60 Agencies – a joined up approach is vital to deliver the plan’s ambitious targets
  • The Government’s determination that Ireland will be a leader in innovation is critical to creating high-value jobs

Thursday, 29 January, 2015. Eamonn Sinnott, President of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland, welcomed the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs launched by An Taoiseach and Minister Richard Bruton this morning.

“The Plan’s commitment to a national talent drive, with targets and a tracking of performance, is the right approach. It will be welcomed by the leaders of the US FDI sector in Ireland who are engaged in a fiercely competitive global battle for talent” Mr Sinnott said. “The Chamber notes that the Plan commits actions by 16 Government Department and 60 Agencies – it is vital that each plays their part and that a ‘joined up’ approach is demonstrated across all these bodies in delivering the Plan’s ambitious targets.”

Mr Sinnott said that Chamber members across Ireland will strongly welcome the Plan’s regional vision and the additional funding allocated to regional job creation which mirrors the IDA’s 2015 strategy. “We are particularly pleased to see the focus on key growth opportunities for both Irish and FDI employers including the areas of energy; data; intellectual property creation and commercialisation and the internet of things. The Government’s determination that Ireland will be a leader in Europe in innovation is especially welcome and we believe it is critical if we are to continue to create high-value jobs.”

Mr Sinnott warned that recent very welcome successes in job creation and reducing unemployment must not lead to complacency. “Members of the American Chamber see the need for Government to relentlessly pursue their strategy to ensure that Ireland is a great place to live and work. This means having well-functioning cities and regions with good physical and virtual infrastructure, affordable and available office and residential accommodation and a good quality of life. Affordable health care and access to schools are essential elements. Ireland must be cost competitive if it is to continue to win out in the global competition for investment.”