The number #1 reason for US investment in Ireland is the talented workforce

We asked people, in an independent RedC poll, to identify the number one reason that attracts US companies to Ireland. The answer was loud and clear, 70% said it is the talent of the workforce.

Over 150,000 talented, innovative people work with our member companies. It is the quality of World of Talent in Ireland that is central to the success of US companies here. Ensuring that the country continues to create, attract and retain, world class talent is the top priority. 

We are passionate about our members’ global talent in Ireland. Here are some of the ways we show this:

World of Talent in Ireland

This is an initiative run by the American Chamber with the support of IDA Ireland. The campaign aims to highlight abroad the career opportunities that now exist in Ireland, with a view to attracting talent here.

The view from industry leaders


"Hiring top talent isn’t easy. And we’ve been able to do it here"

Drew Houston, Founder & CEO

"Our team here is not only the best in Europe, it’s the best in the industry"

Adam Bain: President, Global Revenue & Partnerships

We have been extremely impressed with the creativity & strong technical talent available in this country.

Werner Vogels: Chief Technology Officer & Vice President

Ireland: A Centre for Global Talent

Centre for Talent Launch

Launched in December 2014, this paper outlines our priorities for attracting and retaining talent. These recommendations are aimed at creating awareness of the need for a joined up approach to bolstering our talent offering. They include:

  • Lowering the tax burden on talent
  • Reforming the work permit system
  • Improve access to schooling for families

Read Ireland: A Centre for Talent (PDF)>>

National Skills Strategy


In December 2015 we made a formal submission on the formulation of a new National Skills Strategy.  This submission highlights the importance of:

  • Higher levels of ICT skills acquisition in Ireland
  • Measures to boost the uptake of lifelong learning
  • The need for improved career guidance

Read our National Skills Strategy Submission PDF>>