AmCham RD&I Network - The use of R&D Credit & Other Tools

  • Venue: DCU Ryan Academy
  • Time: 8:00 - 12:00 22/06/2015
The next American Chamber RD&I Network meeting will be focused on the use of incentives with an anchor US company presentation on the use of the R&D credit and other tools within a business proposition and how to prepare and position the business case within the organisation's decision makers. 

The American Chamber's RD& I Network Programme aims to help members develop their business in Ireland by facilitating the sharing of information and best practice, through discussion, case studies and research. It supports the sharing of inspirational examples of companies safeguarding their future through successful innovation, not only in the design and implementation of products but also in services, and facilitating discussions among successful companies about evolving strategies and structures for more agile, strategic, resilient businesses. Supported by PwC, Programme Partners 2015.