The American Chamber is the leadership voice of over 700 US companies in Ireland. It’s our job to keep Ireland the #1 country in the world for American companies. By doing this we ensure companies continue to invest in Ireland, creating new jobs across the country.

We work closely with the Government & other partners to make this happen. This includes:

  • Proposing policies to enhance Ireland's global reputation
  • Thought leadership on emerging opportunities
  • Ensuring Government is fully informed on our members' priorities

Our members play an active role in this work through our Membership Groups. The Board of Directors oversees the Chamber’s advocacy work.

With over the global leaders in every sector in our membership, our policy agenda is dynamic and touches almost every Government Department and Agency.  Our three main priorities for Ireland are: Innovation, Talent & Competitiveness.

Our 2017 Policy Priorities 


  • Talent development, retention and attraction 
  • RD&I investment expansion 
  • Taxation and regulatory certainity 
  • National Competitiveness 
  • Brexit responsiveness 

You can read our range of submissions. Or if you would like to find out more about a particular topic please get in touch.