Jobs in US companies


US companies in Ireland now employ 150,000 people directly. And indirectly they support many tens of thousands of jobs right across the country.
Our members are seen as some of the top employers in the country. They feature regulary in the Best Places to Work Awards. There are many jobs opportunities available within the companies. These come at every level, and in a wide range of industries. If you want to work in a challenging & rewarding environment, with the opportunity to make an impact on a global scale, then the chances are there is a job for you.

See who is growing

A good starting point to securing a job in a US company is to look at who is growing. US companies regularly announce exciting investments, creating new jobs. You can review who the latest companies to invest are here.

Jobs Board

Or check out our Jobs Board. This is the definitive list of US Companies in Ireland who have live vacancies. You can browse the list of companies and click through to the ones that interest you.