The American Chamber

Ireland is home to over 700 top US companies. And we are their leadership voice…

US-Ireland Business launch New York
“One of the most powerful business groups in Ireland. When it speaks the Government need to listen.” – Irish Independent

We do this by representing their priorities to Government and other key decision makers. We also create great networking opportunities through our exciting event series.

Our members

Our membership includes:

  • The top US companies in Ireland
  • The Irish companies that support them
  • And the growing number of Irish companies with business in the US

Our members  include everyone from Amazon to Xilinx and hundreds more in between.  Find out more about membership of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland. 

What we do

As the leadership voice of US companies in Ireland we are always busy!
Our mission is to keep Ireland the global location of choice for US companies. We focus on a broad range of issues.  And we are in continuous, constructive engagement with Government to get things right.

We run a popular series of events  for our members.  This includes events such as our Independence Day & Thanksgiving lunches. While there are also dozens of networking sessions and a range of member programmes. 

Last but not least we showcase and celebrate the exciting things that our members do. You can find out more by checking out our newsroom.

Get in touch

Are you are interested in finding out more about what we do? Or do want to know more about US companies in Ireland?
The team would love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

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Don’t take our word for it…

Here is what other people have to say about what we do.

 “I appreciate the fact that the American Chamber is engaged with Ministers… the views and perspective put forward by the American Chamber were well understood by Government ahead of Budgets.”

-Former Taoiseach,  Enda Kenny TD

"Amcham EU has been a consistent and vocal advocate of a strong and robust partnership. Ireland is an integral part of the entire relationship and Amcham Ireland will continue to be a vital partner in fostering constructive dialogue"

-Susan Danger, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce Europe