Social Impact Stats & Facts



Why CSR? 

According to US companies in Ireland the top three reasons they engage in CSR are:

1. Staff Loyalty 
2. Employee Health & Well Being 
3. Organisational Culture 



The Importance of CSR

In terms of level of importance to overall business strategy, US companies in Ireland rate CSR 7.5 out of 10


CSR Programmes in Ireland 

  • 61% of US companies support individual employee volunteering
  • 65% of companies surveyed have dedicated CSR Committees
  • Almost half (48%) of companies surveyed have an all staff dedicated Annual Volunteering Day, and 53,200 employees supported their companies
  • 63% of companies surveyed have long-term charity partners
  • 61% of companies surveyed have explicit published statements safeguarding the environment
  • Over 65% of companies surveyed now offer formal employee recognition for their CSR activities.