Key Facts

Today, over 155,000 people are directly employed in over 700 US firms 

Collectively US investment in Ireland amounts to $387bn an increase of 16% from 2015. Ireland, which represents just 1% of the European  economy, attracted 12.1% of all US FDI investment to Europe in 2016.

Ireland’s economic growth rate was one of the strongest in the world in 2016 and remains one of the prime destinations for US foreign direct investment.

Irish companies in the US have generated $113bn in sales from their US operations in 2015 and $41bn in US economic output. Irish companies directly employ an estimated 120,000 people within 227 companies at over 2,600 locations, in all 50 States across the USA.

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Ireland won over 237 overseas investments in 2017, creating almost 19,851 new jobs. US firms remain the largest source of new investment.
US investment in 2016 accounted for 67% of all foreign direct investment in Ireland.

US firms in Ireland form a critical part of Ireland’s cutting edge, internationally traded goods and services economy in industries such as information & communications technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technologies and financial services.

Social Impact

US companies are responsible for significant social benefits in their local communities and throughout the entire country by providing innovative and inclusive social impact programmes and other activities. In 2015 alone, employees of US companies contributed over 600,000 work supported volunteer hours to 7,300 CSR projects.

Over 70% of all CSR programmes undertaken by US companies in Ireland are skills or education related. For more read the Chamber's CSR Report Beyond Business the Social Impact of US Investement in Ireland