Learning Edge Conference: Learning to Learn, Learning for Life

  • Release Date: 20/09/2017

The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland held its third annual education conference in LinkedIn’s new Dublin offices on Wednesday, 20 September. The conference focused on the theme ‘Learning to Learn, Learning for Life’, reflecting the growing recognition among Ireland’s US multinational community that, in today’s fast moving environment of technological advancement, the emphasis must be on an education that continues throughout our working lives rather than one which ends upon graduation from third level.

The objective in organising the conference was to bring together the business community, the educators and key stakeholders to explore how stakeholders can work together to help Ireland produce and develop the talent pool that will continue to be in demand internationally.

The conference brought together executives from US multinationals with leaders from the education sector and stakeholders from state organisations such as Dept of Education and Skills, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.

Speaking at the event, James O’Connor, President of the American Chamber, said “The days when an individual’s education ended at the gate of the university and the world of work began are now over. The world of work is changing at a speed that makes it nearly impossible to turn out graduates with every imaginable skill required to excel in the modern business environment. Our member companies, who I believe are central to this, recognise the value of bringing the individual on the journey with them, facilitating them in a lifelong learning programme that helps them to upskill and anticipate and be ready for the next challenge.”

Also speaking at the event, Kevin Delaney, Vice President, Global Learning and Development at LinkedIn, said “learning is as much about excitement, energy and engagement as it is about adding skills.  If one is looking to get the most out of life, then learning needs to be a constant pursuit.”

The event was kindly sponsored by Irish Life and was live streamed in EA Games, Galway, Dell EMC Cork and Limerick Council.