American Chamber Publishes Industry 4.0 position paper

  • Release Date: 10/02/2021
American Chamber Publishes Industry 4.0 position paper
Issued 10 February, 2021.  A position paper on the Advanced Manufacturing sector in Ireland published today by the American Chamber of Commerce believes that Ireland must drive innovation within the industry to remain globally competitive and capitalise on the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0. The report makes a number of recommendations including key technologies Ireland should focus on, coordinating funding and governance, and meeting the talent pipeline requirements that will ensure Ireland is a world class manufacturing and technology leader for the coming decades.
Speaking about the report, American Chamber President Gareth Lambe said:
I want to congratulate my fellow Board member Ann Marie Holmes of Intel and the AmCham Industry 4.0 taskforce on the Report which shines a light on what Ireland needs to do to double down on the gains made across the advanced manufacturing sector. Since the onset of the global health crisis, the manufacturing members of AmCham have kept essential supply chains going and, in some instances, those operating in the medical devices, ICT and pharma sector have significantly increased production. It is important we build on this momentum. This position paper supports our wider ‘Make the Bridge Stronger’ campaign which identifies new areas of growth and opportunities for transatlantic business relations. 
American Chamber Industry 4.0 Taskforce Chair and Co General Manager FSM, VP Manufacturing and Operations Group at Intel, Ann-Marie Holmes said:
The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, which is the next set of significant steps in innovation for the manufacturing sector, presents a tangible opportunity for Ireland.
In response to the Government’s National Industry 4.0 Strategy, AmCham’s position paper, outlines recommendations to the Government in the areas of technology, talent, governance and coordination, and funding for industry 4.0. If we can shift the focus on these key areas, we can ensure that Ireland will continue to be a competitive, innovation-driven manufacturing hub at the frontier of the fourth industrial revolution.”
The manufacturing sector is worth 31% value add to Ireland’s GDP and it employs 227,000 in this country with 112,000 stemming from FDI firms.

Full Report Available here

Notes to Editor:

Key Recommendations
Ireland as a Global Leader
  • The Government to select four key technologies, when viewed through the lens of impact and ease of cross industry collaboration, to be prioritised by Ireland:
1.   Industrial sensors & IIOT       
2.   System Integration &  Big Data
3.   Artificial Intelligence
4.   Robotics/Cobotics

  • Develop and deliver Industry  4.0 apprentice  certification in  the domains of Robotics, IIIOT, Advanced Equipment Maintenance etc.
  • SFI fellowship  program should be replicated  across other research agencies to increase collaboration  and aid the development of expertise for Industry 4.0.
Governance & Coordination
  • The proposed coordination mechanism FMI (Future Manufacturing Ireland) should be activated as quickly as possible.
  • It is important that the government publish the long-term overall funding strategy for the advanced manufacturing sector.