Announcing the Kennedy-Lemass Medal

  • Release Date: 19/08/2016

The American Chamber is delighted to advise our members that we will be presenting a new and very special award to honour US leaders of Irish heritage who have helped to strengthen the Irish-US relationship.

The Award will be named the Kennedy-Lemass Medal in recognition of the visit by President Kennedy to Ireland in June 1963 and the return visit by Taoiseach Lemass to the US in October 1963. These visits symbolized a seismic shift in the US-IRL relationship and Ireland’s international trading relationships. The recipient will be chosen by the Chamber Board and the Medal has received the approval of both the Kennedy and Lemass families.

The Inaugural medal will be presented at the Chamber’s Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday 24 November.

For further information on the medal contact or to book a place at the Thanksgiving Lunch contact