Influence & Persuasion

Can ‘Persuasion’ co-exist with ‘Influence’ in today’s Business World?

 What is Persuasion today and what does the term mean for our new global business world? A question that was asked at the recent American Chamber Peer Learning Group. The theme ‘I care about you’ follows through in the 2nd Session led by Miriam O’Keeffe and a panel of industry experts from Trinity Foundation, Wrike, Goodbody and Communications Clinic. They spoke in detail on how the word Persuasion is now more valuable in how we do business and how we build relationships and commitment, through influence, nurturing and aligning partnerships for better business.

Following on from the panel opinions and discussions, our table, amongst others, discussed what we thought was meant by the word Persuasion and where we saw it adding value in our workplace. We asked ourselves how it influences us in our daily work life and what is meant by it? Also, we looked at how the word itself can co-exist with the word Influence discussed at our first American Chamber Peer Learning session. From the dictionary, the word ‘Persuasion’ can be described as many different things; the act of persuading or seeking to persuade. Influence is described on the other and comers from the Latin word influere, meaning to flow into the opinions (convincing) and behaviours or actions (persuading) of other people. As described both are intertwined and an essential part of leadership to both motivate and inspire people to work with you.

Our discussion and throughout the morning spoke positively about the word persuasion and being based again upon trust, connecting emotionally to individual goals and values for long periods. We know that without influencing others, a leader cannot make his or her vision take place. We acknowledged among the group that this only enhances the building of credibility and foresight to involve collaboration, consultation, and alliances across our global cultures. This was a common underlying trait around the room where individuals identified that selecting the best influence tactic is essential for better Persuasion and to achieve the desired outcome with a person or group. 

As business employee’s, leaders, we are all creating the most strategic partnership for better business and adding value where we can. Nurturing these collaborative relationships can be one of many skills, and living with what is authentic to the individual brings prosperity in all areas of business forming and nurturing a network of relationships is invaluable in today’s interconnected world. 
 Nearly all found similarities between the words Persuasion and Influence and that they co-exist with the aspects of leading any organisation and being committed to the personal growth of other people

Companies can feel passionate about this and I can only agree that Influence & Persuasion co-exist together and are knitted together tightly as a glove. They are key to aligning happy clients/employee’s, sharing values and making better business decisions. We all know when we are feeling satisfied in work we do a better job and provide better services to others and is a route to better clients and influencing happier customers.


Michelle Ryan

Business Development Manager
Global Shares

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