Membership Groups

The American Chamber is the leading voice for US companies in Ireland. Many of our policy and advocacy positions are formed and informed by leading experts from within our membership. Getting involved in Membership Groups is one of the many benefits to becoming a member. Apply to the contact listed for each group to check your eligibility to join. 


HR Leadership Group

This group provides a forum for senior leaders in HR or Talent Management to meet and discuss issues of general interest and importance within member organizations. This includes sharing best practices across a range of topics and considering how to maximise upon the potential of human capital within your organisation.

Chair:  Anne Kelleher, HR Director, Intel Ireland
Participants:  Senior Organisation Talent/HR Lead in MNC
Chamber Contact:  Miriam O’Keeffe


Employment Law Network

The core purpose of this group is to represent members’ interests in the formulation stage of EU and Irish employment law, to keep the Board and the HR Leadership Group appraised of legal changes requiring intervention and to keep the membership informed of changes in law which may directly affect the way they do business.

Participants:   Employment Lawyers
Chamber Contact: Brian Cotter


Research, Development & Innovation Leadership Forum

A peer sharing and learning forum for member companies active in research and development.  The leadership forum aims to identify positive steps that can be taken to enhance the research, development and innovation environment to maximise economic and societal benefit.

Chair:  Mark Gantly, MD, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Galway
Participants: Senior Organisation Leaders of Research, Development or Innovation
Chamber Contact:  Brian Cotter


Taxation Group

The work of this group monitors Irish and international taxation policy, develops positions and forms recommendations on a range of taxation areas focused on the international competitiveness of Ireland’s overall tax offering and the crucial area of corporate and income tax, as well as incentives for innovation and enterprise development.

Chair:   Feargal O’Rourke, Managing Partner, PwC
Participants:  Directors/Heads of Tax; Tax Partners/Directors advising US MNCs
Chamber Contact:  Brian Cotter


General Counsel Forum

The General Counsel (GC) Forum is designed to provide an in camera forum for GCs from member companies for peer learning, best practice and input to policy.  It meets to discuss particular topics of relevance to the business operations of the companies represented in the group and allows for peer learning among group members and to hear from subject matter experts.

Chair:  Tara MacMahon, Senior Commercial Lawyer, Intel Ireland
Participants:   In House General Counsel in MNC with ten+ years post-qualification legal experience
Chamber Contact:  Miriam O’Keeffe


US Executive Circle

The US Executive Circle is to support and engage US expatriates working in Ireland. This group is to be of benefit both as people move to Ireland and by providing peer support and information resources once they are on the ground.

Participants:  Senior US ex-pats working in Ireland
Chamber Contact: Katie Keogh


Learning & Development Group

To support shared thinking, best practice and to influence and enhance policy within learning and development (L&D). The Group aims to provide meaningful peer-to-peer engagement on real issues that concern Talent Development. 

Chair:  Ed McConville, EMEA L&D Director, LinkedIn
Participants:  Senior Organisation L&D leaders in MNC’s
Chamber Contact:  Stephen Hopkins


Data Group

The Data Group brings together senior executives from a range of companies across the Digital and Financial Services sectors in an in camera forum.  The group is focused on data innovation and protection, regulatory and compliance matters and other issues affecting data driven sectors. The Data Group works closely with Government Departments, state agencies and key stakeholders in Ireland and Europe.

Membership:  MDs/CEOs/Privacy Officers/Legal Counsel/Public Affairs
Chamber contact:  Stephanie Anderson


Energy Roundtable

The Energy Roundtable was formed in response to concerns among senior management of our member companies to increasing energy costs.  The roundtable is focused on energy policy matters and has engaged strongly with the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment on shaping Ireland’s energy policy into the future.

Membership:   Operations/Environmental/Energy management
Chamber contact:  Stephanie Anderson


Export Controls Group

The Export Controls Group provides an opportunity for input to Irish and EU officials, committees, and decision makers in relation to import/export regulatory affairs.  It allows a platform for sharing and aligning best practices and is a vehicle to challenge redundancy, inefficiency, and tariff/non-tariff barriers.

Chair:   Declan Ivory, EMEA Trade Compliance Manager, Xilinx
Participants:  Trade compliance managers, leasing managers
Chamber contact:  Brian Cotter


Government Affairs Forum

An independent, peer-led safe space for an open exchange of ideas, challenges, experiences and best-practice procedures for Senior Government Affairs leaders within MNC's from different sectors. The Government Affairs Forum maintains an oversight of the Irish and International policy environment and has a route into policy makers and opinion leaders. The Forum offers a unique networking opportunity for senior professionals working in Government Affairs.

Participants:  Senior Government/Public Affairs practitioners
Chamber Contact:  Stephanie Anderson


Women in Global Organizations

The Women in Global Organisations Programme symbolises excellence, inspiration, celebration and success for all women in business supporting equality in all its forms. Facilitating purposeful approaches to beneficial networking, the programme will embrace new ways of enriching connections and raising awareness of our members. Mentoring, sharing experiences, challenges and wisdom, collaborating within the network, and ultimately the wider business community, will be central to the programme’s agenda.

Participants:   Open to Senior Leadership in Ireland
Chamber Contact:  Miriam O’Keeffe

Emerging FDI Working Group

This new Chamber program is aimed at supporting the emerging U.S. multi-nationals who are choosing Ireland as their European destination.  Engaging with companies in their first three years in Ireland, the Chamber’s new Emerging FDI Working Group, supported by the IDA Emerging Business Team, will draw on the expertise of our established working groups to support their new investment and to connect them into the Chamber network. 

Participants: Senior Leaders of US Emerging Companies
Chamber Contact:  Katie Keogh


Future Leaders’ Forum

The Future Leaders’ Forum aims to inspire the next generation of leaders amongst the teams of our member companies with an annual programme complete with challenging and innovative professional development and network opportunities.

Participants:  Future Leaders of Member Companies
Chamber Contact: Katie Keogh


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum

Formed in early 2016 to bring subject matter expert advice on the development, research and subsequent publication of the Chamber’s Report ‘Beyond Business: The Social Impact of US investment in Ireland’,  In 2017 the group will bring thought leadership, collaboration and networking opportunities for those working or involved in the areas of corporate citizenship. 

Participants:  CSR Leads in member companies
Chamber Contact:  Stephen Hopkins


Global Strategic Services (GSS)

This new group was formed to share experience; to take a strategic look at how to better ‘market’ Ireland as a value destination -as a GSS COE; to showcase GSS as a career path & to attract & retain talent; and to take a strategic view on maximising opportunities that may arise from geopolitical changes.

Participants:  Senior Executives by invitation only
Chamber Contact:   Miriam O’Keeffe