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Submission to Government On The National Development Plan (2007 - 2013)

Click here to download full document (PDF - 1.1MB)

Extract from Executive Summary 

The American Chamber of Commerce wishes to be part of the process which shapes the National Development Plan (NDP)/National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). To that end, this submission sets out the strategic context within which US firms operate in Ireland and identifies key priorities that should be included in the NDP if the competitive position of Ireland is to be maintained and enhanced, and if Ireland is to remain a preferred location for US FDI. The submission acknowledges at the outset that Ireland has made enormous strides to become the vibrant, high performing economy that it is today.

The over-arching issue for US firms wishing to grow their existing businesses in a rapidly changing environment is that the NDP should prioritise investment in Education, Research and Development, fast track infrastructure delivery, tackle the cost base, and ensure that the business environment delivers flexibility and the skill sets required to retain and attract future investment.

Click here to download full document (PDF - 1.1MB)