American Chamber has excellent access to Irish and European public policy networks, opinion leaders and leading media commentators. Through participation in Working Groups and contributions to submissions for Government, the Chamber keeps Irish decision makers focussed on the factors contributing to the continued attractiveness of Ireland as a location for foreign direct investment. More about the Chamber

Events Calendar

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Benefits of Membership

The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland is the leading international business organisation in the country. We represent the vibrant US multinational sector and our membership is comprised of the leading businesses within this 700 strong community.

Key Services

  • Working Groups with senior experts in areas such as Tax, HR and R&D
  • Regular Policy Updates on areas of FDI relevance
  • U.S. Executive Circle networking group for US expats in Ireland
  • CEO Forums biannual nationwide meetings of our members' CEOs
  • Business Transformation Programme to promote FDI mandate development
  • Monthly Trade & Investment Report keeping you up-to-date on latest FDI news
  • Networking Events various event formats all with senior attendees
  • Online Membership Directory with contact details of all member companies
  • Innovation in People Practice Series for best practice in managing people 

and many many more... 

Why Join? 

Joining the American Chamber places your business at the centre of the US business community in Ireland, alongside leading players in the Digital, Life Sciences and ICT sectors. Key benefits of membership include:

Through the American Chamber your company will become part of the US business community in Ireland that now accounts for over a quarter of Irish GDP. Engagement with our members is at a leadership level to ensure that only very senior networking opportunities arise at every event.

The American Chamber is consistently recognised as one of the most influential business groups in the country. The agenda and priorities of the Chamber are driven solely by the feedback of our members. Joining the Chamber gives companies a powerful voice as part of Ireland's leading international business organisation.

Business Growth
The Chamber runs a high quality event programme covering a range of subjects to support our members to grow business in Ireland. Multiple contacts within our member companies can attend these events to learn from each other and share best practices in areas such as innovative people management and business transformation.

For further information, to arrange a meeting or to apply for membership please contact the chamber on + 353 1 661 6201 or