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Human Resources Leadership Group

HR Leadership Group Chair, Libby Gribben; HR Director for Xilinx & Member of the Board of Directors, American Chamber of Commerce.

Increasingly senior HR Manager/Directors working in US MNC's in Ireland, many of whom have EMEA or global roles, need to stay focused on the strategy of the organisation and how their function will partner the business to achieve those goals. Corporate strategy determines the direction an organisation will take in order to achieve business success in the long term. Business strategy and organisation performance, sustainability, innovation, productivity, mission and values, corporate culture and social responsibility, business ethics, organisational capability, interim management and knowledge management are now all part of the HR function remit.

HR in US companies has also driven significant change in the Irish employment landscape over the many years that US FDI has grown in Ireland, providing thought leadership while raising standards and expectations of what it takes to have productive & cooperative employees fully engaged in the business of the company.

A sub group of the American Chamber HR Leadership Group set out to review employee engagement under a number of umbrella headings/topics, in each case looking to develop a scope or definition of the pillar and its key attributes.

To review their research in this area click here

The Employment Law Group, which is designed to monitor ongoing developments in employment legislation in Ireland, the EU and the US.  Chaired by Joanne Hyde, Eversheds, this will enable the Chamber to assist members in keeping up to date with relevant social legislation and to help mitigate its implications. Participants in this group are drawn from some of the leading legal firms in Ireland Employment Law Group 

Coupled with the above we will continue to lobby Government to ensure that the social legislation framework within which we operate does not place undue restrictions on our members ability to succeed and continue to hold and win investment into Ireland.  We will also continue our support in advocating that the necessary resources are devoted to our education system at all levels.