American Chamber has excellent access to Irish and European public policy networks, opinion leaders and leading media commentators. Through participation in Working Groups and contributions to submissions for Government, the Chamber keeps Irish decision makers focussed on the factors contributing to the continued attractiveness of Ireland as a location for foreign direct investment. More about the Chamber

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About Us

The American Chamber of Commerce Ireland is the representative body for US companies based in Ireland at both Government and industry level, and within the Irish and international media. Corporate membership of the American Chamber supports the representation of the business agenda of 700 US companies located in Ireland.

Our mission is to be the voice of US companies and position Ireland as the global location of choice for US investment.

The American Chamber keeps Irish decision makers focused on the factors contributing to the continued attractiveness of Ireland as a location for foreign direct investment. The American Chamber is the largest multinational business association within Ireland.

Membership of the American Chamber includes US companies operating from Ireland, their strategic partners and organisations with strong bilateral trade linkages between Ireland and the United States.

American Chamber Events

A dynamic events programme is in place to allow members meet each other and network in a variety of ways. The American Chamber annually runs over 50 events gathering together in excess of 3,000 members.

Business lunches provide an ideal networking opportunity while also allowing members hear from expert speakers on topics of interest. The American Chamber holds four major business lunches which focus on the important impact of US investment and culture on the Irish economy and society.

A series of seminars and briefings are also conducted at which our members can attend these events to learn from each other and share best practices in areas such as innovative people management and business transformation..

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American Chamber Policies

The American Chamber represents a vibrant and growing sector in the Irish economy. In these current economic times it is important that Ireland continues to foster an environment that will retain and grow FDI into the future.

It is in this context that the American Chamber undertakes an ongoing public affairs programme, providing a voice to US companies which engages in constructive dialogue with key stakeholders such as the media, Government and other state agencies.

Chamber policy is informed directly by the Membership through Working Groups on the key areas of R&D, Taxation, human resources and Employment Law. These groups are comprised of experts from member companies in each field. They are charged with the responsibility of formulating constructive policy positions based on the input from the wider membership.

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American Chamber in the News

The American Chamber uses its voice to represent US companies in Ireland to a wide range of media, both international and domestic. Annually the American Chamber conducts interviews to represent the views of US Companies on a broad range of issues. On a consistent basis the issues of tax, talent, & competitiveness form the core of the annual President’s agenda, while more recently the Chamber has also moved to address concerns with Ireland’s international reputation.

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