Social Impact


US Business in Ireland & CSR

The contribution of US companies in Ireland goes far beyond the economic impact. US companies contribute in other ways, they are responsible for significant social benefits in their local communities and throughout the entire country by providing innovative and inclusive social impact programmes and other activities. 

Ireland is on the leading edge of CSR innovation, effectively a laboratory for new ideas.  Many of the CSR programmes initiated in Ireland in the larger established American companies have been adapted in other European countries. 

Beyond Business: The Social Impact of US Investment in Ireland

On October 20th the Chamber launched its CSR report Entitled ‘Beyond Business – The Social Impact of US Investment in Ireland’.  The research, conducted by the University of Notre Dame on behalf of the American Chamber, with the support from AIB shows:

  • that US companies supported 7,300 community projects nationwide last year.

  • employees of US companies gave over 603,237 work supported volunteer hours last year. 

  • 52,150 staff at US companies are regularly engaged in CSR.

  • US companies in Ireland rated the level of importance of CSR to their overall business strategy as a 7.5 out of 10 on average.

  • 65% of US companies them have long term charity partners.



US companies are involved in many initiatives in the areas of education, sport, health, STEM, culture, homelessness, social justice and inclusion.

Of the approximately 700 US companies operating in Ireland:  

  • 69% have formal CSR programmes

  • 61% support individual employee volunteering

  • 73% support projects that are youth related

  • 66% have formal CSR budgets

  • 55% publish CSR statements

Download Report (PDF)

Ongoing Campaign 

Over the coming months it is the ambition of the Chamber to develop a programme which will allow the members of the American Chamber to collaborate and involve each other in their activities.

The Chamber wants to find ways that disseminate, leverage or utilise this vital part of Ireland’s hidden economy and to increase the visibility of the social impact of US investment in Ireland.